South Koreea, the home of Kpop

South Korea (Hangul:한국) is a home for kpop…but what is kpop?Kpop means korean pop, this kind of pop is different just because it is 90%korean words and 10% english.Kpop is popular in Korea, but also in the rest of the world. One of the mostpopular band is called BTS (BangtanBoys). BTS is a 7 member band created by BigHit Entertaiment, which has debuted in 2013. Now, the boys are number 1 in the american Bilbord top. Also Kim Seokjin, who is 28 years old is the wordwide handsome.In the Kpop world are lots of bands and solo artists. 1. How you can become a kpop idol? Well, it is not that difficult but there are some steps that you should know,First, if you are not living in Korea you need…
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