South Koreea, the home of Kpop

South Korea (Hangul:한국) is a home for kpop…but what is kpop?
Kpop means korean pop, this kind of pop is different just because it is 90%
korean words and 10% english.
Kpop is popular in Korea, but also in the rest of the world. One of the most
popular band is called BTS (BangtanBoys). BTS is a 7 member band created by BigHit Entertaiment, which has debuted in 2013. Now, the boys are number 1 in the american Bilbord top. Also Kim Seokjin, who is 28 years old is the wordwide handsome.
In the Kpop world are lots of bands and solo artists.

1. How you can become a kpop idol?

Well, it is not that difficult but there are some steps that you should know,
First, if you are not living in Korea you need to search for global auditons. Global
auditions are some kind of auditions that are open all over the world and the only
thing you need to do is to make a video of yourself singing/rapping/dancing and send it by email to the agency. I also recommand to think about it a little bit
because if get accepted the next step is to move to Korea to start your training

Some tips for a bigger chance to pass the audition:
If you are not asian or half asian you should look for smaller agencyes because
they will be most likely to accept you.

A very important thing that you need to do before sending the auditions is to read
the poster with global audition because they usually want some personal
information about you or some photos with you so you should read it twice to se
if you didn’t forget something.

Let’s say you passed the audition,next you need to move to Korea (most likely
the agency will pay your plane ticket) for starting your train period as a trainee.
The training period could be from 1 month to about 8 years, but when you arrive
you will have to sign a contract for some years, I suggest you to sign the shorter
one first which could be like 2 years.

Then after they think you are ready and of course if you are a foreigner if you
learned korean (as a trainee you will have singing and dancing classes and for
non koreans also korean classes) you will debut as a solo artist or being part of a

Then if have succes you will continue, if not you will redebut or if your agency
decide that is not going to work (is rare) you will be disbandent,
This are the steps to become a kpop idol.

2. Why I like Kpop?

Personally I feel confortable in Korean language and I really like the way it
sound, it is a musical language in my opinion. Of course there are people who
enjoy only some bans, but I kinda enjoy all of them. When I hear a Kpop song it
sounds really good in my ear and since I like dancing, kpop is also really good for
dancing (the idols are not only singing or rapping, they are also dancing)
I have nothing against the western singers, don’t get me wrong, I like them too
but I like more kpop, it just depends on every people’s taste.

If you don’t like kpop, please stop calling the singers chinese because most of
them are koreans (there are also japonese, thai and chinese idols) . I am not
saying is something bad in calling them chinese but people who don’t like kpop
say it in a rude way and for someone who likes it it is not a good thing, you can
make them feel very bad so please learn to respect other people tastes because
we are different and if someone comes to you and tells you something bad about
something you like you will not feel bad. Probably now you are thinking why do
people just ignore it? Yeah you are right you can do it but not a hundred times
because we all humans and the artists are humans too and we should be friends
not enemes.

Now I will tech you some korean words
First we have the word called ‘Hyung’. In Koreea you call someone hyung if they
are older than you but only boys could say that to another boy,
Next is this word called ‘Oppa’ . That word is used by girls, girls call a boy oppa
who is older then them.

Last but not least we have ‘unnie’ and ‘noona’, it is very very simple: a boy call a
girl noona when the girl is older then him and a girl call another girl unnie when
the other girl is older then her.

3. Some things that you should know about Korean culture

In Koreea, you should always hold the glass or cup with two hands

It is normal for a teacher to invite his whole class to drink or eat something. In
Korea if someone invites you to have dinner you should expect to stay more than
you think and also if you take the dinner at someone’s house you need to finish
all you have on your plate because if you don’t that will make them feel bad, they
will think their food wasn’t good.

When you do the promise sign with your pinkie you also need to lift your thumb
up and touch it to the other person thumb, if you do it as you usually do just with
the pinkie that means that the promise is like 50%.

When you are saying 안녕하세요 (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo) which basically means
‘hello’ you should bend about 15 degrees down to show respect (the more you
bend down the more respect you show)

4. How to start learning korean

The best way to start learning korean is learning their alphabet called hangul and
once you learn it you will be able to read, korean isn”t dificult but the part which
takes the longest is the alphabet then you just learn phases, words and grammar.


Mara Alexandru

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