ADEMED is proud Member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance !

Circular Economy
Picture:  L'Académie des Sciences et des Beaux-Arts, Sébastien Leclerc, 1698;  Credit:The Elisha Whittelsey Collection, The Elisha Whittelsey Fund, 1966, Open Access Licence, from The Met Since mid November 2019, ADEMED is proud Member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance. We are excited to cooperate with our new collegues and friends in the PREVENT Working Groups! ADEMED delivers non-formal hands-on education to Youth and Students in technologies and applied science and aims at extensive use of expertise and experience of the Seniors in development of community. We consider that the digital world asks for civil society for data-driven projects, activities being designed as processes of consistent and sustained data collection and management. Citizen Science and STEAM education shall empower the communities to act on their own in the fields of education, environmental…
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